Products and services


Products and services

June 16, 2016
Van Zof
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Products and services:

  • Light, medium and heavy structures.
  • Flanged and welded industrial ducts.
  • Tanks and silos.
  • Furnaces.
  • Pipes and structures manufacturingStructural Equipment in General.
  • Metalsmith in general.
  • Metalsmith, cutting, plate/profile rolling and drilling.
  • Piping, carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC installation etc.
  • Industrial electromechanical installations of all sorts.

Processes used:

  • High definition-CNC Pantograph cutting, with plasma and oxyacetylene.
  • Guillotine cutting.
  • Drilling of profiles and plates by CNC drill.
  • Electric arc welding.
  • Micro wire welding.
  • Argon gas welding (TIG).
  • Submerged arc welding.
  • Plate and profile punching.
  • Rolling.
  • Thermal insulation.
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